Setting your eco-resolutions for 2009 
If you’re still unsure about creating a green work environment, let 2009 be the year you go green. Consider making some eco-resolutions. Start small and just see how it goes. If you find going green wasn’t as tough as you thought, then you can go a little greener in 2010.

5 Eco-Resolutions to turn the New Year into a Green Year:
1. Bye-bye bottles. Give your employees reusable water bottles and encourage them to cut back on buying bottled water. You might also consider purchasing custom bottles imprinted with your company logo – what a great gift for customers or clients.

2. Paper cuts. Look into creating an intranet or file share system to make it easy for employees to share electronic files. Distribute company memos, newsletters or phone lists via e-mail rather than printing a copy for each employee. Start a recycled paper box where employees can old reports or memos for printing on the blank side.

3. Telecommuting tactics. Take a serious look at telecommuting and how you can make it work for your business and employees. What would happen if each employee worked remotely one week a month or a couple of days each week? Plus, it’s a perk for employees who want to check their e-mail in their PJs and bunny slippers.

4. Buy less. We live in a consumer culture, filling our homes and offices with items we don’t really need. Try ordering fewer pens, paperclips or file folders (you’re using less paper anyway).

5. Furniture finds. Check out green office furniture and green office supply products – this can be everything from furniture that is free of harmful chemicals to recycled paper and recycled ink cartridges.

If you make these five steps in 2009, think of how much smaller your carbon footprint could be. Plus, you’re setting a good example for your employees who just might start thinking a little greener at work and at home.

Here are a few more easy green tips from

Do you have other suggestions for eco-resolutions? Let’s hear ‘em!

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