Let’s Talk Furniture Design. Green Office Furniture Design! 
We haven’t been blogging much about green office design, have we? You’d think we would, being a company with the name of GreenOfficeProjects.com and all. Instead, we’ve been writing about desalination plants, what some other companies are doing in the “green-osphere” (we just made that word up) around San Diego County, and some silly and nifty green “mistakes.”

So with this post, it’s back to the office. More to the point – let’s talk office chairs! (C'mon, you can get excited about office chairs, I know you can.)

Think green and sustainable office chairs must be ugly? Think again.

Take a look at this beauty from designer Zooey Chu. Or this Tamiri Armchair. Or this pretty little non-rolling office armchair, a Tara armchair.

Need small chairs you can easily move around and about? Would you like them to be easy move around and about? The Archer Dolly is for you. Coupled with the armless Archer nesting chair, you’ll be able to whip up a new seating configuration in no time.

Need reception chairs you also can move easily? The Sonic Beam Two Seat Beam/Armless Seat Unit may be just the ticket. It also exudes sleekness and utility.

But what about comfort for my guests? you ask. I like sleek, but what about comfy?

We like the Avenue Armchair. Smooth and glossy, but giving off that “warmth” vibe. Another favorite is the Softcurve. Just imagine your visitors sinking into that leather upholstery. They won’t want to leave (which, we know, could be a good or a bad thing….).
We haven’t forgotten desks and workstations.
Frankly, we’re enamored of this one, the Whitby Workstation I. Makes us think of the best of mid-century style with a touch of the new millennium thrown in.

If understated and elegant is your cup of tea, check out the Correlation Dividers. Law firm? High-end real estate office? Bank? Or any company that wants to exude class, these would do the trick.
Need desks that are simple and clean but with some oomph? Desks that will work for all employees from the CEO on down the corporate ladder? Check out the Adaptabilities A3060DP. Flexible and modern, is how they describe it. And we agree.

OK, office furniture hour is complete.

For now….

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