(Bad) Adventures in Green 
One must admit, when you think about it you gotta think: “What were they thinking!” A humongous replica of the Statue of Liberty? In Styrofoam! One of the least biodegradable products made by man?

We can’t take credit for finding this folly ourselves – the good and funny folks at earthfirst.com get the gold star for that.

But it does go to show that we humans really can be dumber than we look. Exceptionally so. And some of it would be funny if it weren’t so...stupid.

Or tragic.

Case in point: The story about the cyclist killed while wheeling to his place of employment during – the irony screams – Bike to Work Week, when a motorist opened his car door in the bike lane as the cyclist was coming by. And while the cyclist lost his life, the driver – of an SUV, no less – apparently received major punishment: a moving violation citation (opening a car door in traffic).

But, sometimes, Mother Nature does have her revenge. Or, to put it another way, be careful what you abandon, for nature may decide to take it back.

Finally, though, here’s a bad idea that we must admit hits a bit close to home. It has to do with being indoors. And what’s indoors? Furniture! Which is what we sell.

Of course, we’re all for indoor comfort (especially in one’s workplace). And we offer sustainable and “green” office furniture because we want to keep this planet’s environment beautiful, verdant and fun. In a way, we run a business which sells furnishings for indoors so that the outdoors will remain great – the great outdoors, what a concept!

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