Friday News of the Green 
As a seller of sustainable office furniture and cubicles , we’re naturally interested in clever furniture design. And helped us come across one of the most interesting furniture pieces we’ve seen in a long while:

Modular furniture with each of its pieces attached by Velcro !

“Inspired from the famous Lego designs, the ‘Stack’ is a modular furniture system that allows users to design or organize their own furniture according to their needs and space available in their homes. Reduced to just a single element, unified with industrial velcros, the Stack comes with no borders and that’s what makes it uncomplicated while erecting different designs.”

Functional and fun – perfect for the grown-up Lego builder in all of us.

Again, as a seller of sustainable office furniture and cubicles, we’re always happy when we hear how much businessmen and women are embracing how green (as in making more money) going green (as in creating more environmentally friendly office buildings and office spaces) can help a business become.

Which is why where tickled “green” that the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has announced it will offer a dual master’s in business and master’s in environmental studies degree in three years.

“In creating the program, the University of Pennsylvania joins about 30 other colleges and universities around the world that now offer advanced degrees in courses of study that focus on sustainability and other green issues...”

Meanwhile, over in Arkansas, Wal-Mart has announced it “has launched a green jobs council in partnership with many of its leading suppliers of goods and services in an effort to help rebuild and retool America’s workforce.”

The group of 30 includes such heavy hitters as General Electric and Lennox, among others.

"To overcome both rising unemployment and dwindling natural resources, we must invest in our nation's workforce through the development of jobs that preserve the environment for generations to come," Christopher Spain, chairman and chief strategy officer for HydroPoint Data Systems in Petaluma, Calif. said in a statement. "I believe the goals of the Green Jobs Council are highly achievable."

Creating green jobs is grand, we believe, for several reasons. One of which is that with green jobs come green buildings and inside those buildings will go green offices – which will need sustainable furniture....


Finally, as the holiday season continues apace (can it be just 20 days until Christmas?!) we bring you this gift idea, straight from Mt. Everest – the Everest Ornament . Made by metal turner and sculptor Jeff Clapp from the discarded oxygen tanks that literally littered the paths up to the highest peak on the planet that have been left there by the many climbers who have scaled the mountain over the last half century, the ornament is

literally a spin-off from creating the bells and bowls. Using the last remaining tinsel-like strands of metal which stream of the lathe, these ornaments are an emblem of never letting anything useful go to waste.

And they’re just $15 each! Talk about your top -of-the-line holiday gift!

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