San Diego County: Turning Into A Big Green Business Machine 
We consider ourselves to be fortunate indeed to have our headquarters in San Diego County, particularly in Vista, located in what county residents refer to as North County. There’s still enough rural areas out here to help us think – at least for a moment and if we squint our eyes just right and don’t start hyperventilating on Hwy 78 near Vista Way during rush hour – that we don’t live in the most populous state in the country.

One more thing we think is terrific about this area – out of many terrific things – is how eco-thoughtful so many businesses are out here.

So this post will be one of applause and kudos to a few businesses here in all of San Diego County who are working to live green in the workplace.

* Please give it up for the University of California, San Diego, which recently announced that it has “begun to install the components of a multi-faceted sustainable program,” one which eventually will generate 10 to 15 percent of the electricity it uses.
* reported recently that San Diego State University’s College of Extended Studies “recently formed a new online certificate program in green building construction.” (The story at the link above is pretty long; the news about SDSU is in the third paragraph from the bottom.) Kudos!
* Applause to our favorite utility, San Diego Gas & Electric for its plans to construct solar panel “farms” at landfills, open spaces throughout the county, even shopping centers – even that icon of consumer excess La Jolla’s University Town Center – in the coming years. The solar panel project could generate enough electricity to send power to more than 50,000 homes.

The three mentioned above are just a tiny number of the businesses in this wonderful county who believe green is the most beautiful of colors.

Congratulations (and thank you!) to all the green-thinking and farsighted owners and managers of businesses in San Diego County who share’s vision of a better planet – and workplace!

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