San Diego Loves Green 

Check out this awesome website we found called San Diego Loves Green! The site was designed to promote eco-conscious lifestyles within the San Diego area, and is packed with useful information for both citizens and business owners alike. It includes the following features for users to browse:

*Business Directory
*Expert Advice and Information
*Event Calendar
*Message Boards
*Classified Ads
*Bi-monthly Newsletter
*Community Outreach and Development

The web portal was designed by Dawn Parker-Waites and Tawnia King, two "eco-preneurs" committed to transforming the business industry to become more environmentally friendly. Dawn Parker-Waites formed the group in an effort to make information more easily accessible. As it says on the website,

"After conducting a thorough search and realizing it was a lot of work just to locate specific details on local issues like proper recycling, disposing of hazardous household wastes such as batteries and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps/light bulbs), simple ways to conserve water, energy incentives and programs, advice on greening a home not to mention local green businesses and what they were doing for the environment, Parker-Waites committed then and there to create a comprehensive place for the San Diego community to easily find all things Green."

Here at Green Office Projects, we’re excited about the chance to utilize such a valuable resource. It is networking projects like these that help to advance the causes of the green movement, and make a difference in our home and office practices today.

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