FrogFile Green Office Supplies 

Looking for green solutions to your everyday office needs? Canadian-based company FrogFile is now making these products available to the masses at extremely affordable prices. With its large collection of recycled and biodegradable office supplies, you never have to worry about harming the environment again while you’re at work.

FrogFile was originally founded by Gil Yaron, an environmental lawyer charged with the duty of helping large corporations reduce their carbon footprints. Yaron believes that the solution to the climate crisis and other environmental issues lies in "greening" the items we use the most, such as pens, paper, and snacks. While many believe that larger change should occur through technology such as hybrid vehicles and solar panels, Yaron points out that these products are not economically feasible for most middle-class citizens. For this reason, the best place to start is with office supplies, which most people tend to purchase on a daily basis.

Here at Green Office Projects, we find this philosophy to be quite intriguing. Perhaps we should leave the technological changes to the mega-corporations, and occupy ourselves with greening our homes and office spaces before we do anything else.

Case in point: According to the FrogFile website, one box of paper (5,000 sheets) requires 1.3 trees, 255 gallons of water, and 345,000 BTUs of energy to produce. This translates into 27 lbs of waste transferred into landfills. Think of what a difference we could make simply by switching to more sustainable office supplies – the change could be massive! To learn more about FrogFile’s environmental philosophy, check out its website here.

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