Hail the Green Coffin Yes, We Said Coffin  
We don’t make these up....

This one we rather like, since we’re “in” furniture and all. Seems an Los Angeles-based (although their website doesn’t say exactly where in LA) bunch of green-minded folks have taken the idea of recycling to the grave - and back – by retooling 18-gauge steel coffins into couches.

Now before you get your knickers in a total twist, no, these coffins were never, um, used. It’s against the law for funeral directors to resell coffins that have been occupied by a dearly departed. Instead, these coffins were never sold due to minor cosmetic or other defects. Rather than just toss them – or whatever the funeral industry does with un-sellable coffins – the good green folks at CoffinCouches.com purchase them from funeral homes and revamp them.

Speaking of coffins, if you’re worried about leaving a small carbon footprint when you leave the planet, consider the Ecopod , a coffin made from recycled paper. It’s a biodegradable coffin. Which means that as you inside degrade, so does your coffin. And so, in a few years, all that’s left of both you and your final bed is – not much.

Paper not your style? Not to worry – EcoffinsUSA makes biodegradable coffins out of bamboo, willow, even banana.

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