Every Office Needs Green...Plants 
Really. What’s one of the truly “greenest” things you can do as you furnish your office?

Add plants.

Live plants filter an office’s air of pollutants and other toxins. Don’t believe us? None other than the good folks at NASA actually did a few tests and found it to be true:

NASA built what it called a BioHome, “a tightly sealed building constructed entirely of synthetic materials….anyone entering the newly constructed facility would experience burning eyes and respiratory difficulties.”

Then they added houseplants and, voila!

“Once the plants were introduced to the environment, analysis of the air quality indicated that most of the VOCs [volatile organic compounds] had been removed, and the symptoms disappeared.”

Some other nifty findings:

“…people actually recover from illness faster in the presence of plants.”
“…the more that is allowed to circulate through the roots of the plants, the more effective they are at cleaning polluted air.”
“Using high-efficiency carbon filters and a root-level circulation system, the [EcoPlanter] pot allows the plant to remove approximately 200 times more VOCs than a single traditionally-potted plant can remove.”

Finally, thinking of going greener than green with your space? Why not install dried grass on your office walls? We kid you not.

(Photo courtesy Martin Kurtenbach – exept Next und Steps)

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