Klean Kanteens Instead of Water Coolers 
We've all become accustomed to the beloved tradition of office water cooler stations. You know the drill: you push the spout, the jug goes "glug," and the water comes out. However, this system has two very obvious drawbacks, in terms of the environment as well as your health. First of all, the liquid is contained within a plastic device that can possibly leak BPA into your drinking water. And second of all, the water cooler system necessitates that millions of little paper cups must be used and disposed of in landfills each year.

While we clearly need an alternative to this system, the answer does not lie in personalized bottled water for each employee, as this still contributes to water contamination and waste. (Case in point: Only 23% of the plastic water bottles used in America are recycled each year, which means that 38 billion end up in landfills.) Therefore, we present to you a better option: Klean Kanteens.

These reusable containers are made of 100% stainless steel, contain no BPA, and are conveniently dishwasher friendly. Some people prefer to use Sigg, another popular brand, but we prefer the delightful minimalism of the Klean Kanteen bottles.

As far as the nitty gritty details, a 27 oz. Klean Kanteen bottle is $19.95, and shipping is $11.00, making your total around $31. While you may initially balk at the price, paying $31 is definitely preferable to continuing to buy bottled water or utilizing a water cooler for the rest of your life. So, we propose this solution to the water and health dilemmas, and encourage you to explore your stainless steel water bottle options further.

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