GE and Google Team up for the Environment 
One small step for Google, one giant leap for greenkind. You heard right - two corporate giants are actually putting aside their differences and joining together for the common good. Google announced at its annual Zeitgeist conference last week that it has just secured a deal with GE to develop a geothermal power unit to convert the Earth's heat into energy to power the country.

Deep in the reaches of Silicon Valley, Google gathered major tech players at its headquarters and released details about the upcoming plans. Google CEO Eric Schmidt and GE chief Jeff Immelt explained that their deal will include the creation of the technology necessary for plug-in vehicles to return electricity to a large grid.

A structure will be developed to capture the Earth's heat, which Google already has a head start on. It invested $11 million dollars in the project in August in order to start things off. GE signing on is simply the last piece of the puzzle, and it plans to do what it does best - deliver electricity to the masses.

According to Immelt, "There’s two fundamental things that have to be done, and which we’re working with Google on. One, there has to be more capacity. The second thing is there has to be a smart grid to allow it to operate more effectively. That’s primarily software. We make the hardware."

Wow, we have to say that we're impressed, and looking forward to seeing how this deal works out. Thanks to Google and GE, we may be one step closer to a greener planet.

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