Building a Green Office With Green Roof San Diego 

Looking to build a new office building in San Diego sometime in the near future? We recommend looking into the services of Green Roof San Diego, which is a company committed to the construction of environmentally friendly roofs for commercial office buildings. While the project is just a little over a year old, owner Jim Mumford of the Good Earth Plant Company has been in the eco business for over 30 years.

"My project has done exactly what it was intended to do: get people excited about green roof technology in San Diego," says Mumford in a recent press release published on the company website. "Thousands of people in San Diego have heard of green roofs, and many others are enthusiastic about working with me to get more green roofs in our community. The interest is huge and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings."

Green Roof structures reportedly do the following things for local offices:

* Prevent water pollution by reducing the amount of storm water entering sewer systems
* Lower energy use and energy costs for businesses and residences by insulating buildings
* Lower ambient air temperatures, combating the urban heat island effect
* Clean the air and add oxygen
* Mitigate the loss of environment, adding biodiversity
* Extend the lifespan of the roof by two to three times

That sounds like a project we can sign on to. To learn more about what Green Roof San Diego can do for your office, check out the Green Roof website!

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