News of the Green: Especially of the Office Kind 
There’s a bit of a hullabaloo in the green and sustainable office products world: The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) this fall is going to release it’s first ever standards guide for the production of green furniture!

This, we naturally believe, is wonderful news.

A BIFMA spokesman is quoted in the story as saying

"With the whole green building movement, all of our customers are starting to embrace those things, and specifying them in bid specs, but everybody is doing it differently,”

“With no single standard, the void quickly was filling up with rating systems from a variety of sources.”

We get tingly all over just thinking of what progress is being made in green furniture standards, especially when we think of how these new green guideline from the BIFMA mesh nicely with the GREENGUARD Certification manufacturers can earn for their products.

To paraphrase the Beatles, “It’s getting greener all the time.”


Bloxes in our future?

This is an old story – came out in March – yet we gotta give a shout out to the manufacturer of cardboard furniture. That’s right, cardboard.

Bloxes, according to their maker are

“....building blocks made of interlocking pieces of corrugated cardboard, folded together. Their unique shape and structure make them exceptionally strong and lightweight — you could build yourself a platform to stand on, and then pick it up and move it wherever you need to.”

The little cardboard cubes can be used to set up an office cubicle, partitions, even a bed (we’ll reserve judgement on its comfort).

We like this idea for three reasons: Creativity. Creativity. Creativity.

Well, OK, four reasons: furniture made from cardboard is more earth friendly and sustainable than furniture made from wood and less toxic.

So we give a huge shout out to the Bloxes folks. Well done!

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