The San Diego Natural Guide 

Those interested in San Diego's collection of green businesses should check out The San Diego Natural Guide, which is a book containing information on eco-friendly products and services in the area. The guide includes a list of companies that currently use green technology and supplies in an effort to reduce waste and consumption. According to the website, each bi-yearly publication includes the following:

*An A to Z listing of businesses, non-profits, and community services. The types of businesses you will find include: natural food stores, holistic health practitioners, green restaurants, natural pest control, environmentally friendly dry cleaning, organic baby products, green building materials and much more.

*Interesting & Useful Articles

*Calendar of Events

*Farmer's Markets Guide

*Recycling Guide

*Featured Local Hike

*Tips, Quotes, and Recipes

*A Glossary of Natural Health and Eco-terms

And, of course, each book is printed on recycled paper using soy ink. An annual subscription is just $10, or you can also find the book at one of these convenient locations.

A Go Green Book is also in the works, which will include special savings on green dining and entertainment in San Diego. All proceeds from the purchase of the book will go to benefit schools and non-profit organizations in the area.

We think this is a great way for eco-friendly businesses in the San Diego area to get together and promote their services. The makers of the Natural Guide aspire to initiate social and environmental change on a widespread basis. Hopefully it will lead to a greener environment for all.

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