San Diego's Green Building Program 

Here at Green Office Projects, we just caught wind of San Diego's Green Building Program, which is a concerted effort on the part of San Diego county to make new office and residential buildings as eco-friendly as possible. The program's goal is to build more sustainable structures within the community, and promises a number of great building incentives for those who comply with the program's standards.

County officials hope that this program will encourage the use of renewable energy sources in new construction projects. The new green buildings are expected to be sleek and efficient, in the style of the Ballard Library of Seattle pictured above. They will incorporate innovative green technologies in order to improve the health, comfort, and safety of the individuals working inside them.

According to the San Diego county website, The Building Program offers the following advantages to participants:

* Lower electric and water utility costs
* Environmentally effective use of building materials
* Enhanced health and productivity
* Long-term economic returns
* Reduced environmental impact

These benefits, along with tax breaks and quick building turnaround times, will hopefully draw more participants to the project. It has recently partnered with the Rebuild A Greener San Diego program in an effort to reach people effected by natural disasters and wildfires. If you're interested in learning more about what this exciting program means for local residents and businesses in the San Diego area, check out the county's Build Green brochure.

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