San Diego Green 2008 
Yes, we freely admit it: We’re geeks about sustainable office furniture and buildings.
Some folks get excited about going to the theater. Some go weak in the knees when thinking of heading to Vegas for a long weekend. Bibliophiles hyperventilate at the thought of finding a pristine first edition of their favorite novel. Gourmands salivate over the perfect piece of prime rib.

Us? We go gaga over green building and sustainable design conferences. And, did you know?! Did you hear? There’s a big one coming to San Diego! Just down the freeway from us. Less than 40 miles away!! Practically next door.

It’s called San Diego Green 2008 and will be held at the Westin in the Gaslamp area of downtown San Diego September 17-19.

We are SO there.

Now, we haven’t decided yet if we’re going to have a booth or if we’re just going to walk around and try not to be too fawning over the fact that our heroes, these paragons of green, these masters of sustainability, these...

Wait. Deep cleansing breaths.....

OK. Right. Onward.

Some very highly regarded and respected leaders, designers and architects in the green building and sustainable arena will be there. Swedish architect Anders Nyquist is the keynote speaker and will talk about “Eco-Cycle Design - Eco-Village Approach.” Jerry Yudelson will speak on “The Green Building Revolution,” while Jason McLennan’s speech will focus on “Living Buildings and the Future of Architecture.”

Conference sessions include “Integration of Ecology and Design,” “Zero Energy Building Retrofits: Methods and Associated Barriers,” “Permitting and Incentives for Green Projects,” and more.

So. Much. More.

So if you’re an architect, building owner or manager, contractor, engineer, product manufacturer (or distributor – hello us!) and “others interested in changing the way we build in San Diego,” we hope to see you there.

And if we catch you drooling as you hear about the latest news in LEED and Greenguard certification, don’t worry, we understand.

Totally. Completely. Understand.

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