Saved Energy Means More Profit 
As “going green” gains momentum, companies are assessing new ways to make changes.

According to the US EPA, a typical office building’s energy usage represents 30% of its operating costs (CoStar Press Release). A large amount of that comes from wasted energy that could be dramatically reduced. Some of the offenders include office equipment left running day and night, outdated lighting and even large amounts of paper needlessly tossed out.

So where do you start?

First and foremost – educate employees to turn equipment off before leaving! Almost half of all office computers are left on all the time. Nights and weekends make up almost 75% of their usage. Unless you like paying higher utility bills, this simple change could save you big time!

For more energy savings, plug computers, FAX’s, copiers and other related office equipment into a power strip. Turn that off at night, then on again in the morning. There’s a new power strip that makes it even easier. Plug a computer and other peripherals into the new Ecostrip. When you turn your computer off at day’s end, it then powers down everything else. Simple, easy and inexpensive.

Office equipment uses lots of energy. To help reduce those costs, invest in ENERGY STAR equipment. These products use up to 60% less electricity than standard equipment. Now that’s some savings!

Consider installing motion detectors – in hallways, restrooms, anywhere there’s low traffic flow. Lights will turn on and off automatically when needed, and you’ll see a drop in your electric bill.

Another word about lighting. Standard lighting is a BIG energy waster. Make the switch to energy saving fluorescents (compact or tubes). This could cut your electric use 30-45

While you’re making changes, cut down on paper usage. Instead of sending office memos, why not distribute documents electronically? If you must do hard copies, reset your printers to use both sides of the paper. You not only save electricity, you cut paper consumption. And if you use paper with recycled content, you help the environment at the same time.

Most of these “fixes” are easy changes to make. And the difference to your bottom line could be startlingly positive. It pays to make changes.

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