Cut Back on Staples, Save the Planet? 
According to Friends of the Earth in the United Kingdom, if “each of the UK’s 10 million office workers used one less staple a day, that could save 120 tonnes of steel a year.” Imagine how many tons we could save if office workers here I the U.S. did the same?

Two other tips from the Friends:

Encourage your company to use reusable cups and glasses instead of paper.

Do you really have time to read all the business periodicals to which you subscribe at work? Didn’t think so – unsubscribe. suggests you check to “see if your office uses fair trade coffees and teas.”

Remember, says , the “greenest paper is no paper at all.” So if you think you need to print something out, think twice. Do you REALLY need it in hard copy now? Could you save it on your hard drive or on a zip file and print it out some other time? also recommends that, when looking for recycled printer paper, look for paper “with a high percentage of post-consumer content and a the minimum of chlorine bleaching.”

Avoid purchasing clothes that need to be dry cleaned, continues. The dry cleaning process emits harmful chemicals into the atmosphere – and costs a pretty penny, as well. In addition, consider purchasing your office attire from thrift stores. It may take more time – if you need a little black dress for Friday’s office Christmas soiree, you may not find it at Goodwill Thursday night – but you will be amazed at the almost new and brand new professional clothing you can find at your local thrift.

Talk to your employer about working at home. Keeping your car off the road at least one day a week goes a long way to keeping your carbon emissions down, especially if you stay home consistently (and if you don’t drive out to a restaurant for dinner because you. Must. Get. Out. Of. The. House. Since. You’ve. Been. Inside. All. Day).

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