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      • Friday News of the Green
        As a seller of office furniture, you’d probably think we’d be totally against the idea of working at home.

        Not so fast. Many of our products are perfect for a home office (wouldn’t you just love to sink your pajama-clad tush into this lushness?).

        That said, you gotta love th

      • Every Office Needs Green...Plants
        Really. What’s one of the truly “greenest” things you can do as you furnish your office?

        Add plants.

        Live plants filter an office’s air of pollutants and other toxins. Don’t believe us? None other than the good folks at NASA actually did a few tests and found it to be true:
      • Friday News of the Green
        Bamboo Houses? Walking Abodes?

        What will architects think of next?

        Savannah, Georgia architect Ming Tang came up with the idea of “folded bamboo and paper” shelters after the 7.9 earthquake that struck China in May. The quake killed tens of thousands, injured hundreds of thousa

      • Klean Kanteens Instead of Water Coolers
        We've all become accustomed to the beloved tradition of office water cooler stations. You know the drill: you push the spout, the jug goes "glug," and the water comes out. However, this system has two very obvious drawbacks, in terms of the environment as well as your health. First of

      • EPA Slapped With Lawsuit

        You've been cooped up in your office all day long. Even though you've stocked your workspace with the most eco-friendly furniture possible and purchased reusable, recycled supplies, you still feel out of touch with the natural world. You decide to eat your lunch outside today,

      • Nigeria's Environmental Losses Total $5.1 Billion

        Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, president of Nigeria, announced in a speech today that the country's annual losses stemming from environmental degradation total nearly $5.1 billion. This loss can be attributed to the constant exploitation of Nigeria's goods, as well as the increased

      • The No Impact Office

        Many of you are familiar with Colin Beavan, the environmental activist from New York City who decided to try a No Impact experiment for one year. Basically, he gave up pretty much anything even remotely energy-sucking, including plastic, cars, toilet paper, and so on, and documented his

      • The Green Office: Cleaning Your Heating Ducts

        Since many areas of the country received their first frost this past week, finding eco-friendly ways to heat your office space is top on everyone's mind. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently printed an article on the best way to reduce energy while still keeping your workplace

      • Friday News of the Green
        It was inevitable, we suppose, as green goes mainstream and folks who walk the green talk look for inexpensive green shoes, that a national discount shoe store would offer customers green shoes .

        Payless ShoeSource is launching a line of shoes designed to have a lower impact on the envi

      • FrogFile Green Office Supplies

        Looking for green solutions to your everyday office needs? Canadian-based company FrogFile is now making these products available to the masses at extremely affordable prices. With its large collection of recycled and biodegradable office supplies, you never have to worry about harming t

      • Building a Green Office With Green Roof San Diego

        Looking to build a new office building in San Diego sometime in the near future? We recommend looking into the services of Green Roof San Diego, which is a company committed to the construction of environmentally friendly roofs for commercial office buildings. While the project is just a

      • San Diego Loves Green

        Check out this awesome website we found called San Diego Loves Green! The site was designed to promote eco-conscious lifestyles within the San Diego area, and is packed with useful information for both citizens and business owners alike. It includes the following features for users to br

      • News of the Green
        We’d venture to say that Wal Mart possibly is one of the largest “consumers” of plastic bags on the planet. Not that Wal Mart itself uses the bags, or course, but gives them to customers at checkout.

        Well, on September 25, Wal-Mart announced that the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) will

      • New Store Joins San Diego's Green Office Team

        A press release published on Saturday announced the opening of a new green office store in the San Diego area. Shore Total sells office products and furniture that are made of over 90% recycled material, and are 100% eco-friendly. Vice President Alan Lopez is currently expecting to obtai

      • San Diego Green Building Council

        Interested in learning more about the newest green office buildings being constructed in and around San Diego? Check out the San Diego Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. The group was formed in order to influence the design of new buildings in order to make them LEED (Leadership

      • News of the Green
        Would you recycle more if you could actually see the results of placing your paper and plastic products in the blue recycling receptacles that seem to be ubiquitous around the office today?

        If you live in Britain, seems you would be. The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP – and w

      • San Diego's Green Building Program

        Here at Green Office Projects, we just caught wind of San Diego's Green Building Program, which is a concerted effort on the part of San Diego county to make new office and residential buildings as eco-friendly as possible. The program's goal is to build more sustainable struct

      • The San Diego Natural Guide

        Those interested in San Diego's collection of green businesses should check out The San Diego Natural Guide, which is a book containing information on eco-friendly products and services in the area. The guide includes a list of companies that currently use green technology and suppl

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