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  • 2010
    • January
      • Healing the sick – in a green way
        Open around the clock, using energy to power everything from lights to heart monitors and generating trash from one-time-use supplies, hospitals – while a critical component to society – can drain environmental resources.

        A study from the University of Chicago published late last year, f

      • What's your paper policy?
        With the dawn of 2010, it would be easy to assume a majority of companies have instituted recycling policies – or at least set up recycling bins for office paper. Unfortunately, only about half of all office paper is actually recycled. That means a great deal of the 4 million tons of copy paper used

  • 2009
    • December
      • Ring in the new green
        It’s interesting to think back to the dawn of this decade when talk of a “green office” had more to do with the paint color than a business’ eco-conscious. Now, it’s commonplace for companies to have recycling programs and encourage energy efficiency. Many even have physical buildings that are LEED

      • Washing your car with a glass of water
        High on the list of water-wasting activities is washing your vehicle. More than 800 million gallons of water are used to wash vehicles in the United States each day. Not to mention the runoff from the soap and cleaners that flows down the driveway and into the water stream. In areas like California

    • November
      • Wrapped in green
        This week we kick off the holiday season with food, family and friends – and shopping. Well, from a retail standpoint, shopping started just before Halloween, but you get the point.

        You may find yourself drawing a name for the office gift exchange or spearheading a toy drive or canned fo

      • Green buildings = Worker productivity
        We all know a green office building can save energy costs, uses fewer resources and gives employees a reason to feel good about going to work each day. But a new study finds there may be yet another reason for companies to locate their business in a green building.

        In May, a team from la

    • October
      • Reduce, Reuse and eCycle!
        In our last post, we looked at some ways to green your computer, particularly on the software and server sides. But there are other ways to make your electronic and computing life a little greener.

        First and foremost is proper recycling of your computer and other electronic devices. Comp

      • The power behind green computing
        When it comes to creating a green office, you have to turn your attention to the devices that use a great deal of energy – the computers and servers. Even if you make a conscious effort to turn off your computer – or at least the monitor – after hours, computers are still the company workhorses and

    • September
      • Greening your home office
        By its very nature, working from home is a greener option. The commute involves simply walking from the kitchen with coffee mug in hand to your home office space – no vehicle emissions needed.

        People who work from home also have more control over how they can green their space, such as o

      • Make the green call
        Back in March, the Green Office Blog gave a Green Thumbs Up to Sprint for its efforts to create a more sustainable workplace. So when a company representative contacted me asking if I’d like to test drive the new Samsung Reclaim cell phone, I jumped at the chance to check it out.


    • August
      • Taking a look at corporate responsibility
        "What does the world need most that we are uniquely able to provide?" That’s the question Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation co-founder and chief inspired protagonist, poses on the company Web page heralding the release of its 2008 Corporate Conscious Report.

        Seventh Gen

      • Take your office back to school
        The stores are filled with crayons, markers, glue sticks and Hannah Montana notebooks. It’s back-to-school time. OK, so you’re not going back to school, you’re just headed back to the office for another wild work week. But you can turn this back-to-school time into an opportunity to introduce some

    • July
      • A green building pioneer

        Mary Lou LoPreste’s goal is simple: to ensure the water, the mountains and the earth she has always enjoyed will be around for her children and grandchildren.

        LoPreste is probably most well known for her work on Sun Harbor Marina, a property she previously owned and managed in t

      • A truly green office
        It’s one thing for a business to commit to implementing green office practices like recycling, installing light fixtures that turn off when no one is in the room or installing a bike rack for employees who don’t want to drive to the office. But it takes an even larger commitment to turn the entire p

      • Will Walmart's drive toward sustainability work?

        Walmart, the world's largest retailer, announced this week that they are planning to put green/sustainability labeling on all of their products within the next five years.

        Walmart today announced plans to develop a worldwide sustainable product index during a meeting with

    • June
      • Junk to gems to energy efficiency

        This post is devoted to some great green ideas I’ve come across recently, some of which can be useful to your office or home and others that provide some inspiration for just how easy it can be to go green if you just put your mind to it and get creative.

        Granted the use of e-mail

      • For Solvair, it’s about clean and green
        When the premise of your entire company is green, it’s not hard to take the office to the next level of environmental consciousness. That’s the case for Solvair Cleaning System, a green company based in Naperville, Ill. A new kind of clothing care technology, Solvair removes a wider range of dirt an

    • May
      • Hiring green college grads

        With graduation season in full swing, millions of students will be heading to college this fall. Usually students pick a college based on the academic programs, tuition costs, location and sometimes the football team and the weekend (or weeknight) nightlife.

        But more students may

      • Going green with Greenbaud
        Like many companies, Blackbaud Inc.’s focus on green started as a grassroots effort, spearheaded by just a couple of employees with a passion for the idea. Based in Charleston, S.C., Blackbaud is a software company that primarily develops programs for nonprofit organizations, but also environmental

    • April
      • Free + Recyling = Great Idea!
        If you follow us on Twitter (@greenoffice), we posed a question related to our Earth Day blog post about starting small in your green office efforts: What are three green initiatives you can tackle that won’t cost the company any money?

        One of the responses was freecycling in the office.

      • Start small in your office for big results

        Image courtesy /

        Happy Earth Day! Today is the day we take a moment to appreciate all Mother Earth gives us and resolve to do a better job of returning the favor.

        While so many of us have made incredible strides in our efforts to live a greener life

    • March
      • Be open to green opportunities

        photos courtesy Port of San Diego

        When it comes to implementing green policies and practices at your business or organization, much of the success depends on being flexible, open to change and willing to work with like-minded businesses. That’s a lesson from the Port of San Dieg

      • Green Office Profile: Sprint

        A big Green Thumbs Up this month to Sprint. At the Sprint headquarters campus in Overland Park, Kan., the company has been committed to green efforts for a number of years. When the headquarters was constructed about 12 years ago, it turned a water recapture system into a duck pond tha

    • February
      • Sharing the green love
        You’ve invested time and resources into your green office initiatives. You’ve encouraged employee interest and involvement. You’ve even cut some costs through such minor changes are limiting use of paper and installing a programmable thermostat.

        You’re just about ready to give yourself a

      • A beacon of sustainability

        Photos courtesy Sun Harbor Marina

        It’s one thing to add some recycling bins to your office or install a programmable thermostat. It’s another to build more than 17,000 square feet of buildings and 100 boat slips with a mission of sustainability.

        Sun Harbor Marina did

      • Greening your office in a recession
        When my consulting clients ask me why they should green their office in a recession when monetary pressures are only expected to increase, I remind them that the Chinese use two separate brush strokes to write the word 'crisis':

        One character stands for danger; the

    • January
      • Gather some green lessons from the Green Port program
        Normally we might not think of “port” and “green” in the same sentence. Ports, with all their ships and trucks and emissions, might not seem like the greenest of businesses. Not so with the Port of San Diego.

        Port officials will be the first to admit ports historically haven’t been easy

      • Finding green inspiration coast to coast
        The year 2009 is barely started and we’re seeing green everywhere! We give a hearty Green Thumbs Up to the following initiatives for promoting green business.

        The California Association of Realtors has launched “ At home with green,” a new Web site dedicated to informing homeowners, real

      • Recycle, recycle, recycle
        By now, we all know to recycle office paper, ditch the plastic bottles and fill the break room with reusable coffee mugs. Got it. But did you realize there are a few items lurking in your office that take a little more energy to recycle, but definitely should not end up in your office trash can?
  • 2008
    • December
      • From the mug to the garden
        Photo by Refracted Moments

        OK, pop quiz: What does every office have?

        Answer: A coffee pot. Truly, have you ever been to a place of business that didn’t smell just a little like a cup of java. And those of you who work from home probably have a coffeemaker in the kitchen.
      • Setting your eco-resolutions for 2009
        If you’re still unsure about creating a green work environment, let 2009 be the year you go green. Consider making some eco-resolutions. Start small and just see how it goes. If you find going green wasn’t as tough as you thought, then you can go a little greener in 2010.

        5 Eco-Resoluti

      • Friday News of the Green
        So if you work in a large(er) business or corporation, one which is large enough to provide you and your co-workers with a bonafide cafeteria, think of this : “ operations use five times more energy than the rest of the building.”


        “Meanwhile, all of the disposa

      • A greener building
        From reducing paper use to purchasing green office furniture, there are plenty of ways to make the interior of your office green. But have you thought about the exterior of your building and the actual physical structure and location of your office? Here are a couple of interesting ideas to make the

      • Green-collar jobs mean green-collar offices
        You’ve probably read at least one news story recently about green-collar jobs and how they can help the environment while filling the gaping hole in the country’s work force brought about by layoffs, buyouts and closures while creating a more environmentally conscious country.

        Aside from

      • Friday News of the Green
        As a seller of sustainable office furniture and cubicles , we’re naturally interested in clever furniture design. And helped us come across one of the most interesting furniture pieces we’ve seen in a long while:

        Modular furniture with each of its pieces attached by Ve

      • I'm dreaming of a green Christmas

        photo by Elastic Design

        Word is spreading that many companies drowning in this recession (which seems like all companies) are canceling the obligatory office holiday party. We have the perfect spin: say you decided to go green this holiday season, so you’re skipping the holiday

      • Would you pay extra green for green?
        Corporate real estate executives believe green office space is important, yet they aren’t willing to pay a premium for it. Seems we have a conflict here.

        CoreNet Global , a professional association for corporate real estate execs, and Jones Lang LaSalle , a financial and professional s

    • November
      • Friday News of the Green
        On this the day that is known as the busiest shopping day of the year – the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, only 27 shopping days until Christmas – we thought it might be appropriate to take a step back for a moment and do nothing.



        Jonathan Me

      • Business travel without the travel

        Traveling just isn’t what it used to be. If your business trip involves an airplane, you have to navigate security lines, take off your shoes, pack your hand sanitizer in a Ziploc bag and pay $5 for a pack of peanuts.

        And if you’re a green-minded business traveler, you can’

      • Hand out some green slips

        photo by Carl Weaver

        In this economy, the proverbial “pink slip” is being handed out left and right. (Does anyone get an actual pink slip?) But what if businesses put an environmental – and positive – spin on the pink slip, turning it into a green slip?

        Hear me

      • Friday News of the Green
        Well, well, well. Wal-Mart is going wind powered!

        The supersized retailer has announced it has purchased wind energy which will “supply up to 15 percent of the retailer’s total energy load in approximately 360 Texas stores and other facilities.”

        Wal-Mart will b

      • Taking a Company’s Environmental Efforts to the Next Level
        Here’s a company that took its effort to reduce its carbon footprint to new levels. reported on November 17 that a floor covering manufacturer in Atlanta called Interface decided to take another look at reducing its emissions.

        The article interviews and quotes J

      • That Great, Silent Carbon Emitter: Paper

        Photo courtesy

        If this article doesn’t convince you to use less paper and recycle more of it at your place of work, well...

        The Guardian writer Tony Juniper states that “...paper is everywhere. We use more and more of it and its

      • Friday News of the Green
        Personally, we like to recycle. So long as it’s not too much work.

        Sound familiar? After all, at least in our town, we can’t just put the paper products in the big blue bin with the plastic and the glass. Noooo. We have to place the paper and the cardboard (and we must open all boxes an

      • Amazon Works to Create a More Sustainable Shipping Package
        Amazon believes it’s built a better shipping package. One that’s more environmentally friendly, to boot.

        The online behemoth calls it “frustration-free packaging.” It calls it “an initiative designed to make it easier for customers to liberate products from their packages.” (We must ad

      • Where Have All the Office Workers Gone?
        See all those high rise office buildings in your city? Full of corner offices and cubicles? Filled with managers and their staff toiling away, working hard...

        Wait a minute. Perhaps there aren’t that many people in all those office buildings after all. in an Octob

      • Friday News of the Green
        We’d be quite remiss if we didn’t mention some good news coming from our beloved-but-battered Golden State.

        Voters on November approved Proposition 1A , which gave the green light to a bond measure to fund a high-speed rail line between San Diego and San Francisco via the inland part of

      • Proof That Efficient Office Environments Create a Healthy Bottom Line
        Ever wonder just how much your office could truly save if you decided to utilize green building design?

        Well, the Natural Resource Defense Counsel (NRDC) walked its talk and over the last couple of decades has either built or renovated its offices “with the goal of putting our environmen

      • The Power of One Small Green Step
        So you’ve convinced the folks at work to recycle all the paper they can. You’ve changed all the light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs. You’ve purchased your cubicles’ walls from Greenguard Certified manufacturers .

        You’ve gone a lovely shade of green at your office. You truly ha

    • October
      • Friday News of the Green
        As a seller of office furniture, you’d probably think we’d be totally against the idea of working at home.

        Not so fast. Many of our products are perfect for a home office (wouldn’t you just love to sink your pajama-clad tush into this lushness?).

        That said, you gotta love th

      • Every Office Needs Green...Plants
        Really. What’s one of the truly “greenest” things you can do as you furnish your office?

        Add plants.

        Live plants filter an office’s air of pollutants and other toxins. Don’t believe us? None other than the good folks at NASA actually did a few tests and found it to be true:
      • Friday News of the Green
        Bamboo Houses? Walking Abodes?

        What will architects think of next?

        Savannah, Georgia architect Ming Tang came up with the idea of “folded bamboo and paper” shelters after the 7.9 earthquake that struck China in May. The quake killed tens of thousands, injured hundreds of thousa

      • Klean Kanteens Instead of Water Coolers
        We've all become accustomed to the beloved tradition of office water cooler stations. You know the drill: you push the spout, the jug goes "glug," and the water comes out. However, this system has two very obvious drawbacks, in terms of the environment as well as your health. First of

      • EPA Slapped With Lawsuit

        You've been cooped up in your office all day long. Even though you've stocked your workspace with the most eco-friendly furniture possible and purchased reusable, recycled supplies, you still feel out of touch with the natural world. You decide to eat your lunch outside today,

      • Nigeria's Environmental Losses Total $5.1 Billion

        Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, president of Nigeria, announced in a speech today that the country's annual losses stemming from environmental degradation total nearly $5.1 billion. This loss can be attributed to the constant exploitation of Nigeria's goods, as well as the increased

      • The No Impact Office

        Many of you are familiar with Colin Beavan, the environmental activist from New York City who decided to try a No Impact experiment for one year. Basically, he gave up pretty much anything even remotely energy-sucking, including plastic, cars, toilet paper, and so on, and documented his

      • The Green Office: Cleaning Your Heating Ducts

        Since many areas of the country received their first frost this past week, finding eco-friendly ways to heat your office space is top on everyone's mind. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently printed an article on the best way to reduce energy while still keeping your workplace

      • Friday News of the Green
        It was inevitable, we suppose, as green goes mainstream and folks who walk the green talk look for inexpensive green shoes, that a national discount shoe store would offer customers green shoes .

        Payless ShoeSource is launching a line of shoes designed to have a lower impact on the envi

      • FrogFile Green Office Supplies

        Looking for green solutions to your everyday office needs? Canadian-based company FrogFile is now making these products available to the masses at extremely affordable prices. With its large collection of recycled and biodegradable office supplies, you never have to worry about harming t

      • Building a Green Office With Green Roof San Diego

        Looking to build a new office building in San Diego sometime in the near future? We recommend looking into the services of Green Roof San Diego, which is a company committed to the construction of environmentally friendly roofs for commercial office buildings. While the project is just a

      • San Diego Loves Green

        Check out this awesome website we found called San Diego Loves Green! The site was designed to promote eco-conscious lifestyles within the San Diego area, and is packed with useful information for both citizens and business owners alike. It includes the following features for users to br

      • News of the Green
        We’d venture to say that Wal Mart possibly is one of the largest “consumers” of plastic bags on the planet. Not that Wal Mart itself uses the bags, or course, but gives them to customers at checkout.

        Well, on September 25, Wal-Mart announced that the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) will

      • New Store Joins San Diego's Green Office Team

        A press release published on Saturday announced the opening of a new green office store in the San Diego area. Shore Total sells office products and furniture that are made of over 90% recycled material, and are 100% eco-friendly. Vice President Alan Lopez is currently expecting to obtai

      • San Diego Green Building Council

        Interested in learning more about the newest green office buildings being constructed in and around San Diego? Check out the San Diego Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. The group was formed in order to influence the design of new buildings in order to make them LEED (Leadership

      • News of the Green
        Would you recycle more if you could actually see the results of placing your paper and plastic products in the blue recycling receptacles that seem to be ubiquitous around the office today?

        If you live in Britain, seems you would be. The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP – and w

      • San Diego's Green Building Program

        Here at Green Office Projects, we just caught wind of San Diego's Green Building Program, which is a concerted effort on the part of San Diego county to make new office and residential buildings as eco-friendly as possible. The program's goal is to build more sustainable struct

      • The San Diego Natural Guide

        Those interested in San Diego's collection of green businesses should check out The San Diego Natural Guide, which is a book containing information on eco-friendly products and services in the area. The guide includes a list of companies that currently use green technology and suppl

    • September
      • Planet Green on Greening Your Office

        Planet Green, a website run by The Discovery Channel, has just released an article called "Going Green at Work." It contains several tips for helping to make your office more eco-friendly, and they are all things that don't require a lot of extra time or money. Here are so

      • Go Back to School With Green Office Supplies
        Whether you’re returning to school for a higher degree or just sending the kids off to kindergarten, the green office industry has plenty of back to school items to help you out. Just check out these great products:

        Pictured above are two energy-saving computer supplies that c

      • Green Projects Benefitting Wildlife Biologists

        What’s the hottest job on the market today? Wildlife biology, if you can believe it. This is due to the fact that the recent onslaught of green projects necessitates a whole slew of new ground surveyors. You see, whenever a company wants to build a big solar grid right on top of a field

      • GE and Google Team up for the Environment
        One small step for Google, one giant leap for greenkind. You heard right - two corporate giants are actually putting aside their differences and joining together for the common good. Google announced at its annual Zeitgeist conference last week that it has just secured a deal with GE to develop a ge

      • Cut Back on Staples, Save the Planet?
        According to Friends of the Earth in the United Kingdom, if “each of the UK’s 10 million office workers used one less staple a day, that could save 120 tonnes of steel a year.” Imagine how many tons we could save if office workers here I the U.S. did the same?

        Two other t

    • August
      • Hail the Green Coffin Yes, We Said Coffin
        We don’t make these up....

        This one we rather like, since we’re “in” furniture and all. Seems an Los Angeles-based (although their website doesn’t say exactly where in LA) bunch of green-minded folks have taken the idea of recycling to the grave - and back – by retooling 18-gauge steel

      • Is the Answer Blowin’ in the Wind?
        Seems there’s been quite a lot of hot about wind power lately.

        This just in (and we’ll call it If a wind turbine turns in Oregon, will the lights go on in Los Angeles?): Southern California Edison recently announced it has signed a two-decade contract with Oregon-based DC

      • News of the Green: Especially of the Office Kind
        There’s a bit of a hullabaloo in the green and sustainable office products world: The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) this fall is going to release it’s first ever standards guide for the production of green furniture!

        This, we naturally believe, is

      • San Diego Green 2008
        Yes, we freely admit it: We’re geeks about sustainable office furniture and buildings.
        Some folks get excited about going to the theater. Some go weak in the knees when thinking of heading to Vegas for a long weekend. Bibliophiles hyperventilate at the thought of finding a pristine first edit

      • Let’s Talk Furniture Design. Green Office Furniture Design!
        We haven’t been blogging much about green office design, have we? You’d think we would, being a company with the name of and all. Instead, we’ve been writing about desalination plants, what some other companies are doing in the “green-osphere” (we just made that word up) aro

      • I'll Have A Glass Of Seawater Please
        So the big news out here where we’re headquarted – Vista, CA (about 41 miles northeast of downtown San Diego) – is the decision by the California Coastal Commission to approve a desalination plant to be constructed in a coastal town not too far from us, Carlsbad.

        As many of yo

      • Buying Carbon Offsets - The Easy Way Out For The Polluter?
        In last Monday's post, we gave a short (and possibly too simple, because it truly can be complicated – but we like simple; simple is good), explanation of carbon footprints.

        And we left you with the teaser that we’d talk about the pros and cons of purchasing carbon offsets to mitigat

      • San Diego County: Turning Into A Big Green Business Machine
        We consider ourselves to be fortunate indeed to have our headquarters in San Diego County, particularly in Vista, located in what county residents refer to as North County. There’s still enough rural areas out here to help us think – at least for a moment and if we squint our eyes just right and don

      • Carbon Footprints Part I - Not The Kind You Make Hiking In The Woods
        Unless you’ve been stuck in your 5 mpg SUV on the freeway for the last five years, you’ve no doubt heard green proponents talk about “shrinking your carbon footprint.”

        But what is a carbon footprint?

        In a nutshell, your carbon footprint (and this definition is court

    • July
      • (Bad) Adventures in Green
        One must admit, when you think about it you gotta think: “What were they thinking!” A humongous replica of the Statue of Liberty? In Styrofoam! One of the least biodegradable products made by man?

        We can’t take credit for finding this folly ourselves – the good and funny folks at earthfir

      • How to Help Your Office Go Green
        Let’s say you’re an office manager or business owner – or even “just” a regular employee – and you want your place of business to set up shop with green office furniture and components.

        This is a new idea to your business, and you’re wondering how you can convince the folks who wield the

      • Living the Life of LEED
        LEED is popping up all over. We see it more and more as more and more people and see the benefits of working in and/or constructing a LEED-certified building.

        But just what is LEED certification? What is the LEED lowdown?

        A very short LEED primer: The acronym stand

      • Saved Energy Means More Profit
        As “going green” gains momentum, companies are assessing new ways to make changes.

        According to the US EPA, a typical office building’s energy usage represents 30% of its operating costs (CoStar Press Release). A large amount of that comes from wasted energy that could be dramatically red

      • Office Pollution: A Dangerous Tale.
        Who would think furniture could be dangerous? Yet most traditional furniture is made with materials, paints and finishes that are highly toxic. These materials can cause a variety of allergic reactions, some quite severe.

        Amazingly, one of the key culprits commonly used in furniture is f

      • LEED Certification: Your Next Step?
        In the past few years large corporations have begun taking the green movement seriously. Since 1995, a diverse roster of companies like McDonald’s. Starbucks, and REI have built or refit their buildings and gained the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). There are also

      • Green Office Furniture: The Wonders of Wheatboard
        As eco-awareness grows in the business world, more companies are making big changes to ‘green’ their offices. A fairly easy change to make is to simply change your furniture.

        Options are getting easier to find. An online search reveals a variety of manufacturers that produce eco-friendly

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