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      • (Bad) Adventures in Green
        One must admit, when you think about it you gotta think: “What were they thinking!” A humongous replica of the Statue of Liberty? In Styrofoam! One of the least biodegradable products made by man?

        We can’t take credit for finding this folly ourselves – the good and funny folks at earthfir

      • How to Help Your Office Go Green
        Let’s say you’re an office manager or business owner – or even “just” a regular employee – and you want your place of business to set up shop with green office furniture and components.

        This is a new idea to your business, and you’re wondering how you can convince the folks who wield the

      • Living the Life of LEED
        LEED is popping up all over. We see it more and more as more and more people and see the benefits of working in and/or constructing a LEED-certified building.

        But just what is LEED certification? What is the LEED lowdown?

        A very short LEED primer: The acronym stand

      • Saved Energy Means More Profit
        As “going green” gains momentum, companies are assessing new ways to make changes.

        According to the US EPA, a typical office building’s energy usage represents 30% of its operating costs (CoStar Press Release). A large amount of that comes from wasted energy that could be dramatically red

      • Office Pollution: A Dangerous Tale.
        Who would think furniture could be dangerous? Yet most traditional furniture is made with materials, paints and finishes that are highly toxic. These materials can cause a variety of allergic reactions, some quite severe.

        Amazingly, one of the key culprits commonly used in furniture is f

      • LEED Certification: Your Next Step?
        In the past few years large corporations have begun taking the green movement seriously. Since 1995, a diverse roster of companies like McDonald’s. Starbucks, and REI have built or refit their buildings and gained the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). There are also

      • Green Office Furniture: The Wonders of Wheatboard
        As eco-awareness grows in the business world, more companies are making big changes to ‘green’ their offices. A fairly easy change to make is to simply change your furniture.

        Options are getting easier to find. An online search reveals a variety of manufacturers that produce eco-friendly

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