Friday News of the Green 
We’d be quite remiss if we didn’t mention some good news coming from our beloved-but-battered Golden State.

Voters on November approved Proposition 1A , which gave the green light to a bond measure to fund a high-speed rail line between San Diego and San Francisco via the inland part of the Los Angeles area (Riverside County) and the San Joaquin Valley, with spur lines to Los Angeles and Orange counties, as well as to Sacramento and other cities in the inland northern part of the state.

The rail line won’t be cheap of course (estimated at approximately $44 billion). Neither will it be built quickly (estimated completion date: ). But ticket prices should be relativley low ($55 one way between LA and San Francisco) and the travel time between So Cal and the Bay area? About 2.5 hours, which is as long as it takes to get from downtown Riverside to downtown Los Angeles on a Monday morning.

Naturally, we’re pleased as punch. Dancing on air. Tickled, green.


Here’s an idea we could call, “so genius in its simplicity and, slap our forehead, why didn’t we think of it?!”

A company in Britain called Envirowise, is suggesting that companies put a twist on the “show me the money” mantra and show their employees “the gas, electricity, water and recycling bills,” in order to encourage workers “to take more responsibility for reducing company outgoings and lessen their environmental impact.”

We do think this makes sense. Show people the truth in black and white (or in red ink) and they’ll often make a change in their behavior. Or at least be more likely too.

“Envirowise says that the more transparent businesses are about the effect rising utility costs are having on the bottom line, the more staff will be encouraged to take a proactive stance towards waste minimisation and adopt the same approach to cost cutting in the workplace as they do at home.

According to Envirowise research, individuals committed to cutting waste at home are lapsing into bad habits as soon as they get to work. The survey of more than 1,800 UK office workers found that a third took no action whatsoever to reduce the amount of resources they use during the working day - meaning vast amounts of resources and money are being lost without trace.”

Now, if companies were to take some of the cost savings and place it into employee’s paychecks, just watch as employees hustle to go green in order to get more green.

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