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      • From the mug to the garden
        Photo by Refracted Moments

        OK, pop quiz: What does every office have?

        Answer: A coffee pot. Truly, have you ever been to a place of business that didn’t smell just a little like a cup of java. And those of you who work from home probably have a coffeemaker in the kitchen.
      • Setting your eco-resolutions for 2009
        If you’re still unsure about creating a green work environment, let 2009 be the year you go green. Consider making some eco-resolutions. Start small and just see how it goes. If you find going green wasn’t as tough as you thought, then you can go a little greener in 2010.

        5 Eco-Resoluti

      • Friday News of the Green
        So if you work in a large(er) business or corporation, one which is large enough to provide you and your co-workers with a bonafide cafeteria, think of this : “ operations use five times more energy than the rest of the building.”


        “Meanwhile, all of the disposa

      • A greener building
        From reducing paper use to purchasing green office furniture, there are plenty of ways to make the interior of your office green. But have you thought about the exterior of your building and the actual physical structure and location of your office? Here are a couple of interesting ideas to make the

      • Green-collar jobs mean green-collar offices
        You’ve probably read at least one news story recently about green-collar jobs and how they can help the environment while filling the gaping hole in the country’s work force brought about by layoffs, buyouts and closures while creating a more environmentally conscious country.

        Aside from

      • Friday News of the Green
        As a seller of sustainable office furniture and cubicles , we’re naturally interested in clever furniture design. And helped us come across one of the most interesting furniture pieces we’ve seen in a long while:

        Modular furniture with each of its pieces attached by Ve

      • I'm dreaming of a green Christmas

        photo by Elastic Design

        Word is spreading that many companies drowning in this recession (which seems like all companies) are canceling the obligatory office holiday party. We have the perfect spin: say you decided to go green this holiday season, so you’re skipping the holiday

      • Would you pay extra green for green?
        Corporate real estate executives believe green office space is important, yet they aren’t willing to pay a premium for it. Seems we have a conflict here.

        CoreNet Global , a professional association for corporate real estate execs, and Jones Lang LaSalle , a financial and professional s

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