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      • Friday News of the Green
        On this the day that is known as the busiest shopping day of the year – the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, only 27 shopping days until Christmas – we thought it might be appropriate to take a step back for a moment and do nothing.



        Jonathan Me

      • Business travel without the travel

        Traveling just isn’t what it used to be. If your business trip involves an airplane, you have to navigate security lines, take off your shoes, pack your hand sanitizer in a Ziploc bag and pay $5 for a pack of peanuts.

        And if you’re a green-minded business traveler, you can’

      • Hand out some green slips

        photo by Carl Weaver

        In this economy, the proverbial “pink slip” is being handed out left and right. (Does anyone get an actual pink slip?) But what if businesses put an environmental – and positive – spin on the pink slip, turning it into a green slip?

        Hear me

      • Friday News of the Green
        Well, well, well. Wal-Mart is going wind powered!

        The supersized retailer has announced it has purchased wind energy which will “supply up to 15 percent of the retailer’s total energy load in approximately 360 Texas stores and other facilities.”

        Wal-Mart will b

      • Taking a Company’s Environmental Efforts to the Next Level
        Here’s a company that took its effort to reduce its carbon footprint to new levels. reported on November 17 that a floor covering manufacturer in Atlanta called Interface decided to take another look at reducing its emissions.

        The article interviews and quotes J

      • That Great, Silent Carbon Emitter: Paper

        Photo courtesy

        If this article doesn’t convince you to use less paper and recycle more of it at your place of work, well...

        The Guardian writer Tony Juniper states that “...paper is everywhere. We use more and more of it and its

      • Friday News of the Green
        Personally, we like to recycle. So long as it’s not too much work.

        Sound familiar? After all, at least in our town, we can’t just put the paper products in the big blue bin with the plastic and the glass. Noooo. We have to place the paper and the cardboard (and we must open all boxes an

      • Amazon Works to Create a More Sustainable Shipping Package
        Amazon believes it’s built a better shipping package. One that’s more environmentally friendly, to boot.

        The online behemoth calls it “frustration-free packaging.” It calls it “an initiative designed to make it easier for customers to liberate products from their packages.” (We must ad

      • Where Have All the Office Workers Gone?
        See all those high rise office buildings in your city? Full of corner offices and cubicles? Filled with managers and their staff toiling away, working hard...

        Wait a minute. Perhaps there aren’t that many people in all those office buildings after all. in an Octob

      • Friday News of the Green
        We’d be quite remiss if we didn’t mention some good news coming from our beloved-but-battered Golden State.

        Voters on November approved Proposition 1A , which gave the green light to a bond measure to fund a high-speed rail line between San Diego and San Francisco via the inland part of

      • Proof That Efficient Office Environments Create a Healthy Bottom Line
        Ever wonder just how much your office could truly save if you decided to utilize green building design?

        Well, the Natural Resource Defense Counsel (NRDC) walked its talk and over the last couple of decades has either built or renovated its offices “with the goal of putting our environmen

      • The Power of One Small Green Step
        So you’ve convinced the folks at work to recycle all the paper they can. You’ve changed all the light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs. You’ve purchased your cubicles’ walls from Greenguard Certified manufacturers .

        You’ve gone a lovely shade of green at your office. You truly ha

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