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      • Hail the Green Coffin Yes, We Said Coffin
        We don’t make these up....

        This one we rather like, since we’re “in” furniture and all. Seems an Los Angeles-based (although their website doesn’t say exactly where in LA) bunch of green-minded folks have taken the idea of recycling to the grave - and back – by retooling 18-gauge steel

      • Is the Answer Blowin’ in the Wind?
        Seems there’s been quite a lot of hot about wind power lately.

        This just in (and we’ll call it If a wind turbine turns in Oregon, will the lights go on in Los Angeles?): Southern California Edison recently announced it has signed a two-decade contract with Oregon-based DC

      • News of the Green: Especially of the Office Kind
        There’s a bit of a hullabaloo in the green and sustainable office products world: The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) this fall is going to release it’s first ever standards guide for the production of green furniture!

        This, we naturally believe, is

      • San Diego Green 2008
        Yes, we freely admit it: We’re geeks about sustainable office furniture and buildings.
        Some folks get excited about going to the theater. Some go weak in the knees when thinking of heading to Vegas for a long weekend. Bibliophiles hyperventilate at the thought of finding a pristine first edit

      • Let’s Talk Furniture Design. Green Office Furniture Design!
        We haven’t been blogging much about green office design, have we? You’d think we would, being a company with the name of and all. Instead, we’ve been writing about desalination plants, what some other companies are doing in the “green-osphere” (we just made that word up) aro

      • I'll Have A Glass Of Seawater Please
        So the big news out here where we’re headquarted – Vista, CA (about 41 miles northeast of downtown San Diego) – is the decision by the California Coastal Commission to approve a desalination plant to be constructed in a coastal town not too far from us, Carlsbad.

        As many of yo

      • Buying Carbon Offsets - The Easy Way Out For The Polluter?
        In last Monday's post, we gave a short (and possibly too simple, because it truly can be complicated – but we like simple; simple is good), explanation of carbon footprints.

        And we left you with the teaser that we’d talk about the pros and cons of purchasing carbon offsets to mitigat

      • San Diego County: Turning Into A Big Green Business Machine
        We consider ourselves to be fortunate indeed to have our headquarters in San Diego County, particularly in Vista, located in what county residents refer to as North County. There’s still enough rural areas out here to help us think – at least for a moment and if we squint our eyes just right and don

      • Carbon Footprints Part I - Not The Kind You Make Hiking In The Woods
        Unless you’ve been stuck in your 5 mpg SUV on the freeway for the last five years, you’ve no doubt heard green proponents talk about “shrinking your carbon footprint.”

        But what is a carbon footprint?

        In a nutshell, your carbon footprint (and this definition is court

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